We had a problem with two leather sofas purchased from a large well known furniture supplier after only a week of use. We felt there was a design issue with the sofa and although the company came out to try and stretch the leather and insert foam support, the problem still existed. After lots of attempts to contact various furniture repairers/upholsterers, we were advised to contact the furniture ombudsman. In the end this resulted in us having to obtain a detailed report from an independent furniture upholsterer to confirm the issues. This was carried out by Mike Oaten of Beaminster Upholstery which ultimately ended in the full amount for the sofas being refunded. We are hugely grateful for Mike’s comprehensive and detailed report which resulted in a successful conclusion to the matter after one year! We would not hesitate in recommending Mike to carry out a similar report for anyone with this problem. He was very helpful in assisting us and dealt with the problem professionally and promptly.

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